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sayumidaily's Journal

「うさちゃんピース!!」 道重さゆみDAILY.
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A daily community dedicated to Morning Musume's beautiful Michishige Sayumi.

道重さゆみ (Michishige Sayumi): A sixth-generation member of the Japanese girl group Morning Musume. [more info?]
"Daily" communities: These communities feature daily updates of media, usually images, pertaining to the person or thing they've chosen to focus on.

Here is where you will find daily posts spreading the love of Morning Musume's cutest member! Start your day off right with Sayumin. ♥ If you're a fan, please join; if not... be converted. Or just get out. :D Enjoy your stay!

Maintainer: waffleatewalter; formerly maintained by talim (who is, however, staying on just to keep an eye on things).
Affiliates: airidaily miyadaily kusumidaily niigakidaily matsuuradaily

Questions or comments? This is the post for you. As always, we're grateful for submissions, so if you have something Sayumi-related to share, please drop it off here!

And lastly, as for credits: Layout overrides by minty_peach and edited by talim. Profile code and graphics are also all by talim.